Friday, January 21, 2011

Wall Pieces and a Tea Bowl

I was going through some photos for different reasons and forgot about these; a few wall platters and one of my favorite tea bowls.
I also just realized that Paul Soldner had passed away recently and it got me thinking of the time myself and 3 other friends had met him at an NCECA conference in New Orleans in 1993?, something like that. There we were sitting against a wall looking pretty haggard from the night before (being up all night on and off bourbon street; too many funny stories of that night.) Paul walks up to us and says " You look like you could use some coffee, can I buy you kids a cup?" So off we went to spend half an hour chatting with the illustrious Mr. Soldner just before we embarked on a 41 hour non stop driving trip back to missoula, Montana.
This being the first post for 2011; I resolve to stay on it and post more than I have in the past. As I am starting to write a book about my nomadic adventures for a 9 year period of time, I am going to post some excerpts from it from time to time.