Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The damage toll has been minimal this time around; so far Kim has managed to only whack her head against a post resulting in a minor bump to the head. While Kim is working in the studio it's the intelligent person who simply stays away, the chaos of the studio encompasses her; emotional valleys, wet paint, razor blades flying, and table saw mambo. I simply shuttle wood for the stove in and try to avoid a whack to my head. Looking at her work of intricately cut paper and thousands of nails, one might not be able to imagine the whirlwind of activity behind the scenes. This thursday, february 26th we'll see how OPB has decided to edit these activities as she will be one of the featured artists on oregon art beat.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

February '09 firing

72 hours of burning 2 cords of wood (a mix of oak, yew, cedar, and fir) 2 days of sleeping and eating afterwards, and I was unpacking some pretty interesting looking pots. I feel like the effects work better with the forms this time around; now I'm not sure yet if that's because the forms have morphed a bit, or if it's because the firing has improved (this being the 5th firing,) or a combination of the two........ probably the latter, regardless, I'm having a great time cleaning and investigating each one. I think next time I'll seal out oxygen while it cools and go for the more matte surfaces, for pleasure and to see more about what the cedar ash can do.
The above pics are a few pots I'm really diggin' for the moment and the chimney at fire-off.