Saturday, February 23, 2008

2nd fire

we unpacked the 2nd firing the other day and wow! quite the drama during the firing though; i almost ran out of wood while the kiln was stalling, but i was able to reach temp. ( barely .) During the first night of freezing temps i ran to the house to get more clothes 3 times and brought back the dvd tv to the kiln, now i know all of you purists are shaking your head right now but what a way to pass the early hours of firing, as i have a tendency to push the fire in the night, this was an awesome way to go: put a log on and back to my movie; and what a movie it is. Frank Hebert's Dune, no not the crappy one with Sting in it; the good one that the sci- fi channel made with William Hurt as the somewhat absent star of the 3 disc movie. if you've never seen it, you should,for once they've turned a great book into a great movie.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Is that a mouse in your pants or.......

Yesterday morning while sleeping our cat eggplant brought a mouse into the bedroom, after quite a commotion kim got up to capture the mouse; to no avail. Well being as it was 5:30, i was awake, so i grabbed my pants and went to the kitchen to start the espresso, leaving kim and some cats to fend for themselves. Now normally i pass by the dining room to drape my pants over the chair so as to not have to exit my pajamas too soon; this was after all just an ordinary day.

8:30 and it was time to get ready to go to the county"s annual native plant sale to fetch our pre- ordered booty
Soil and Water Conservation District
so it's off with the pajamas and on with the aforementioned pants. As i buttoned my pants i realized i had a crumpled sock in the leg of the pants, so i shook my leg and ........WITH A FULL HEAD OF STEAM A MOUSE COMES DARTING OUT OF MY PANTS! The pants come off , i jump up on the bed in only a shirt, and kim can barely stand up as laughter consumes her.

Ah yes...there's really nothing quite like starting the day with a mouse in your pants.